Retreats at the BEATUS

Arrive, immerse yourself and breathe freely. Experience moments of peace and reflection on the shores of Lake Thun. Open yourself to novelty and excitement and discover our diverse Retreats in an incomparable natural setting. Expand your wealth of experience and create unique memories in a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Yoga Retreats
    21.5.-25.5.2023 and other dates

    Meetings with fellow human beings, joint excursions into nature and daily yoga lessons are always part of your time out. They make our retreats a unique and inspiring experience.

  • bellicon®

    Experience the many benefits of the bellicon® mini-trampoline. This fitness trend gives your entire body a workout while being gentle on your back and joints; it’s also fun, even for inexperienced users. In addition, through Qigong you direct your life energy back into the right channels and actively promote your health.

  • Writing workshop - creative writing

    Depending on the medium, texts need a suitable structure, a good beginning, goal-oriented sentences, an arc of suspense, a conclusion and thus a convincing ending. This workshop is therefore suitable for anyone who writes, professionally and/or privately.

  • Natur-Retreat

    Replenish your reserves with forest bathing. A form of therapy long recognized in Japan and a current health trend. Experience the flow of energy during the River Flow. Being outside becomes an intense experience that allows deep and lasting relaxation.