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We may not be able to fulfill all dreams, but we offer you a basis for your personal dream job. Climb aboard the BEATUS steamer, become part of our heart-driven crew and let us sail in the same direction, with the well-being of our guests serving as our compass.

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Together on board, together strong!

Lake Thun is right outside the door and the mountains behind it. An ideal starting point for excursions, explorations and recreation away from the daily work routine. In addition to exciting job opportunities, we offer a variety of apprenticeships. The start into professional life is an important step, in which we specifically support and individually promote our apprentices in their daily work and school life.

Employee benefits: 

+ Internal training opportunities in technical and personal fields
+ Financial support for external training courses
+ Set working hours with efficient time management
+ Permanent contract / no mid-season 
+ Use of the salt-water pool and swimming pool
+ Use of the Cardio Cross Fitness room
+ 50% discount on wellness applications (excluding external providers) and cosmetic treatments
+ 50% discount on meals and drinks (excluding alcoholic drinks) 
+ Super special conditions at our affiliate Hotel ERMITAGE in Gstaad-Schönried
+ Private Selection Hotels - Friends program
+ Discounts at Bohny Automobile AG in Steffisburg
+ Co-use of FC Thun season ticket (home games)
+ Advantages of the staff card Lake Thun

Luis Ricardo

Luis Ricardo Lima Ferreira - Assistant cook

Why BEATUS: Everyone in the BEATUS team supports each other, like a big family. In Merligen I have found a wonderful place to live wonderful place to live with lots of opportunities for leisure activities.
What many people don't know: I am a trained plumber and heating engineer and can therefore draw on my knowledge to help the team knowledge and support the team. Quote from the chef: "Thanks to his many years of experience at BEATUS Luis stands out as an internal kitchen engineer and masters every technical breakdown with aplomb".

Cristina Cremilde

Cristina Cremilde Barbosa da Silva - Breakfast cook

Why BEATUS: In the team, I almost feel like I'm part of a big family. I enjoy and have fun working in the kitchen. The I particularly appreciate the contact with our guests.
What many people don't know: I used to work in a hospital kitchen in Portugal. hospital kitchen in Portugal. In my free time, I like to go for walks in the I enjoy walking in the forest with my family. Luis Ricardo Lima Ferreira is my husband husband and we have a 12-year-old son.


Alberto Moreira Da Rocha - Pool attendant

Why BEATUS: I chose BEATUS because I feel completely at home here and have a great team around me. Merligen also offers a high quality of life, which makes the working environment even more pleasant.
What many people don't know: In my free time, I love cooking Portuguese specialities and exploring the region by bike. There are always new places to discover that inspire me.


Sandra Christina Nogueira e Castro - Deputy Head of Lingerie 

Why BEATUS: I feel at home at BEATUS. I really enjoy working in a good and friendly team. I really like the beautiful region around Lake Thun. The fact that my children went to school here was another reason why our family put down roots here.
What many people don't know: Hiking and swimming in Lake Thun are two of my passions. I also love preparing desserts.


Rade Trailovic - House technician

Why BEATUS: 34 years ago, I fell in love with the picturesque setting of Lake Thun and settled here. I found the BEATUS just as congenial with its great ambience, the warm team, the management and the owner family.
What many do not know: I am also a trained wellness therapist. If the Vitalità is already fully booked, I could step in ;-)


Paulo Cesar Da Cunha Barreiros - Painter/House technician

Why BEATUS: My field of activity is very diverse and ranges from painting, repair and maintenance work throughout the house to electronics.
What many do not know: In my BEATUS career, I have gone through several stations. 22 years ago, I started in the scullery as a dishwasher and casserolier. After that I worked as a pool attendant. Then I became a porter and welcomed our arriving guests. For a few years now, I have been working as a painter and house technician.


Katharina Lanz - 1st receptionist

Why BEATUS: The BEATUS is like a family to me. Employees of different ages and nationalities work here, which is fun. People are there for each other and help and support each other. I also enjoy the personal contact with many of the guests, some of whom have been with us for many years.
What many do not know: Italian blood also flows in my veins.



Antonio José Ferreira Barros - Wellness Therapist 

Why BEATUS: I came to BEATUS very young and was lucky enough to be challenged and encouraged here. There is a family atmosphere and the philosophy is right for me. I really appreciate the trust the company has placed in me.
What many do not know: I started my career at BEATUS as a Commis de Rang, then worked my way up to Maître d'hôtel. Over the years, I continued my training as a masseur and therapist. Since 2011, I have been part of the Vitalità team and am able to pursue my great passion here.


Rui Antonio Pinto - Porter

Why BEATUS: Before 1988, I worked in winter in different destinations, among others in Zurich and Arosa. Since the BEATUS is open all year round, I can work here regardless of the season. The cordial, professional interaction with the team and the management, but also the but also to the formative natural scenery, I owe 35 years of BEATUS.
What many people do not know: My professional career at the BEATUS has taken me from the office from the office, to the buffet, to the porter in 1996. Teresa Maria is my wife. At home we take care of our canary, which is always canary, which always goes on vacation with us to Portugal.


Teresa Maria Morias Pinto - Head of Lingerie

Why BEATUS: I feel passionate about lingerie as if it were my own. Because I love the work, I have been doing it for 34 years. The quiet area, lets me down and relax after a gripping workday.
What many do not know: Until the year 2000, we made the work manually. We folded up to 500 kg of laundry a day. Today we have machine support, especially since this could not be handled any other way with about 1000 kg of processing.


José Luis Alves Videira - Chef de Rang

Why BEATUS: I enjoy the work greatly. It’s the people who make the difference – the guests, the management and the team. I’m proud to work in such an attractive restaurant with such a pleasant atmosphere.
What many people don’t know: I love my football and used to play for FC BEATUS. Also, Maria Virginia is my sister.


Maria Virginia Alves Videira - Buffet Office team member

Why BEATUS: I fell for the atmosphere and the Hotel on my very first day in Merligen. I can still feel this connection, 32 years later. The variety of tasks, being by the lake and the personal contact all make me happy.
What many people don’t know: When the BEATUS was still only open seasonally, I worked over the winters at our partner Hotel ERMITAGE. I even convinced my brother, José Luis, to come and join the BEATUS.