Sports and relaxation programme

Our sports and relaxation programme brings fun and exercise, as well as relaxation and deceleration into your holidays. We prepare an energetic program each day that you are highly welcome to join; no need to register first. Get to know our fitness and personal trainer between 9.30 am and 10.00 am at the Information Desk by the entrance to the "Orangerie Restaurant & Bar".

Back-Strenghtening Exercise

Targeted training for stronger back muscles. With tips on how to make both work and home more ergonomic and therefore easier on your back.

Coordination Training

Specific exercises to train balance and orientation. This training improves mobility and responsiveness. Effective coordination training can make a significant contribution to injury prevention.

Everyday Fitness

In this lesson you’ll learn helpful tips and tricks to seize the day and a long healthy life. Find improved quality of life and well-being.

Foot Exercises

Foot exercises mobilise and strengthen the joints of the foot so that we can rely on healthy, functional feet.

Legs Bums and Tums

Legs bum and tum will be trained, tightened and strengthened in a comprehensive training, with and without equipment.

Morning Gymnastics

A gentle way to warm up your joints, strengthen your tendons and ligaments and increase your flexibility and agility for the rest of the day.

Stretching & Relaxation

Diverse stretching techniques ensure muscular balance and increased joint mobility. This training strives for relaxation, lightness and more vitality - say hello to a cornucopia of good feelings!


Yoga is a gateway to inner peace and serenity as well as more vitality. Through the combination of conscious breathing and physical exercises, yoga strengthens the body, opens the mind and increases vital energy, which improves overall health. Yoga enables a deep examination and understanding of one's own physical and inner processes.

Additional yoga programme: In addition to participating in the weekly group lessons, you have the option of booking private yoga lessons with us (subject to a fee). Our yoga teacher will focus on your needs and wishes and support you in deepening and developing your personal yoga practice.

Theraband® Training

This is a deliberate and healthy whole-body training for strengthening muscles with the use of a Theraband®.

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The sports and relaxation programme is published weekly.