Beauty and well-being are inseparably connected. True to the motto: "Life is too short, treat yourself", our competent cosmetic and hairdressing team welcomes you to the "Vitalità" beauty area to pamper you from hair to toe.


Temporary Covid 19 regulations

Please note that only persons with a valid Covid certificate (vaccinated, recovered, tested) will be allowed access to the hotel. The certificate obligation applies to persons from 16 years of age. Here is an overview - the most important questions and answers.

Open exclusively for our hotel guests until further notice.

Your health and well-being are our main concern. For your protection and further information, please observe the health and safety measures.

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Opening hours

Open exclusively for our hotel guests until further notice.

Daily from 9 am to 7 pm
by appointment


for all visitors & guests

  • Cellcosmet and Cellmen Facial

    Bio-integral cells as well as plant and marine extracts make these active ingredient products so valuable. The product’s cells stimulate the skin’s self-regeneration and rejuvenation. Lean back and be positively surprised by the amazing results!

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  • Babor Basic Facial

    Specific care systems from Babor respond uniquely to the different needs of every man and woman. Enriched with exquisite nutrients, these products will give you a whole new spa feeling for your skin. Reward yourself with exclusive moments of well being. 

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  • Manicure

    Your hands are your calling cards, that’s why you should give them the best possible care. They are essential in your everyday life. Take the opportunity and let us give your hands a thorough service for once!

  • Pedicure

    Your feet are there for you each every day. During your lifetime, they cover many thousands of kilometres. Do something good for your feet for once! Let us take charge and pamper your feet. Afterwards, it will be like walking on clouds.

  • Babor Beautiful Hands & Feet

    Not only your nails need care; your hands and feet have also earned some tender loving care. Lie back and let us create a completely new skin feeling for your hands and feet. All you need to do is relax.

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  • Evening Primerose Oil Pack

    The exclusive essence of evening primrose oil seeds envelops your skin like a velvety glove. Once your entire body is pampered with exquisite nutrients, you’ll feel reborn.

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  • Full-Body Peat Pack

    The peat reduces pain in the back, neck and buttock areas. The natural forces activate self-regeneration allowing you to experience deep relaxation. 

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  • BABOR-Cosmetics @x2

    Refresh, revitalise and rejuvenate your skin. Our exclusive Babor products are perfectly attuned to the needs of your skin. Treat yourself to an all-encompassing wellness experience for an incomparable feeling of well being.

  • Logo Alpienne

    Based on traditional formulations and confirmed by numerous new scientific findings, "ALPIENNE" natural products are produced using gentle methods to ensure optimum care, beauty, vitality and well-being. All the ingredients are collected from a regulated yet wild collection in the Alps. No chemicals, no artificial additives: Only hand-picked herbs and plants are used in these unique Alpine natural products.

  • Signet Redken

    “Designed to be different” - Experience hair care from our most-highly trained hair stylists. Thanks to this unique product line, your hair will be pampered from A-Z. Enjoy a break from hairspray, curling irons and the hair dryer.

  • CC_Noir +logo -Or Metallique

    Pamper your skin with the Swiss luxury cosmetics brand. Lean back and allow the exclusive products to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. Treat yourself to an all-encompassing wellness experience and give your skin an incomparable feeling of well-being.