Fitness studio - For vitality and health

Strengthen your well-being, your health and your quality of life. Health-promoting fitness training covers the areas of mobility, strength, endurance and coordination. Regular coordination training improves balance, endurance training regulates the heartbeat and has a positive influence on blood pressure.

At the BEATUS Wellness- & Spa-Hotel we use the latest generation of "TechnoGym" equipment. Regardless of the weather, training with a view of Lake Thun and the Niesen makes you happy all round.

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Opening hours

The fitness studio is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm
Gymnastics according to programme

Saltwater pool and sauna area price list

Floor plan wellness oasis


Endurance equipment

TechnoGym "Ride" with TechnoGym live:
Integrated from display to pedal with your training apps, on-demand coaches and outdoor routes, indoor cycling was never this smart.

TechnoGym "Bike" with TechnoGym live:
Using the Indoor Cycling, you can also enjoy cycling from the inside with a view of Lake Thun and the mountains.

Technogym treadmill:
Walk or jog at a level with the treadmill machine. A workout experience like being out in nature.

Concept 2 rower:
With the help of the Concept 2, you get a rowing workout for postural, arm and leg muscles. Also considered a good warm-up before your strength training.

Wave, Crosstrainer, and Stepper:
This endurance machine helps you train your stride length and movement pattern. This strengthens your thigh, gluteal and upper arm muscles.


Strength equipment

TechnoGym Bench:
This multifunctional training bench of TechnoGym offers a full-body workout. It features a combination of elastic bands, dumbbells, weight cuffs and an exercise mat.

Plurima Multistation Tower TechnoGym:
The compact multi-purpose station offers you an ergonomic design by facilitating your training movements. Here you strengthen your chest, shoulder and neck muscles.

Core bags:
The Core Bags offer the right training intensity through different weight classes of 5, 10, 15, 20 kg.

The kettlebell provides a functional and free workout, especially for the core muscles. 

Medicine balls:
With the help of medicine balls, targeted muscle parts of the body are strengthened. Weights of 4, 6, 9, and 11 kg are available. 

Fitness Balcony

Fitness Balcony

Group Cycle Connect:
The Group Cycle Connect from TechnoGym offers you a unique outdoor cycling experience. In addition, you train using the On-the-Fly setting, which ensures quick and easy seat adjustment. This way you keep your training rhythm.

Single dumbbells:
Dumbbells for optimal strength training outdoors with weights from 1 to 10 kg.

TechnoGym training bench:
Strength exercises with dumbbells as well as various fitness exercises are performed on the training bench.