Nature Retreats

Replenish your reserves with forest bathing. A form of therapy long recognised in Japan and a current health trend. Experience the flow of energy during the River Flow. Immerse yourself in the diverse flora and fauna with Barbara Uhl. Being outside becomes an intense experience that allows for deep and lasting relaxation.

The retreats will be held from 27 to 31 October 2024.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Barbara Uhl

Barbara Uhl, trained nature guide
nature pedagogue

A mountain girl! Born in the Salzburg municipality of Pinzgau, (Austria), right at the heart of the heavenly mountains. As a trained nature guide and instructor for the Tyrol region, I have an eye for detail and am constantly inspired to discover what new wonders nature has to offer.

Why forest bathing?
Forest bathing takes you to a heightened level of sensory awareness. Your senses are open to the diverse and intricate nature of the forest. We also soak in a bath containing terpenes. These are a chemical medium trees use to communicate with each other. Terpenes have been proven to assist in relaxing our body, lowering our stress levels and strengthening our immune system. Forest bathing is a Japanese practice known as Shinrin Yoku. It has long been used there as a recognised therapy for burnout symptoms. Each of my forest bathing excursions is unique. I tailor the program to suit the needs of the individual. But the aim is always the same: deep and long-lasting relaxation.

Please note: My forest bathing practice does not include any esoteric elements. As a nature guide, my ultimate goal is to experience the wonder of nature.


Your packages service per person:

+ 4 nights in the room category of your choice
+ 1-2 nature experience units daily
(forest bathing, river flow, starry skies, medicinal herbs etc.)
Wellness Package
BEATUS gourmet board 
On the trail with our Guides

October 2024: 4 nights in a twin room facing north from CHF 1'211.- 
per person / in a single room facing north from CHF 1'231.-

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What you can look forward to:

Deep, lasting relaxation within a few days
Reduction of stress levels
Strengthening of the immune system
Moments of awe in nature
Letting go of things that burden us
New awareness of the body by living with all senses
Courage and confidence for new tasks
Impulses for healthy nutrition
Knowledge of medicinal plants in nature and their use in cuisine
Creative design in nature
Easy tricks for everyday positive thinking

The daily programme for the Nature Retreat is presented below.

17:00 Welcome and introductions
17:30 "Walk along the pilgrimage path to the 100-year-old beech tree"
19:00 Apero and dinner

Day 1
from 07:30 Breakfast
10:00 "The Power of Trees". Easy hike to the beech forest
13:00 Small lunch, then free time for wellness, small hikes, etc.
from 19:00 Apero and dinner
21:00 "Under the starry sky"

Day 2
from 07:30 Breakfast
10:00 "In the flow on the river"
13:00 Small lunch, then free time for wellness, small hikes, etc.
17:00 "Finding my peace" - meditation in the hotel park by the lake
19:00 Apero and dinner

Day 3
07:00 "Magic of the early hours" -
morning walk followed by breakfast
10:00 "Dream Bay Sundlauenen"
13:00 Small lunch, then free time for wellness, small hikes, etc.
19:00 Apero and dinner

Departure day
from 07:30 Breakfast
10:00 “Forest bathing – Me time”
approx. 13:00 Common conclusion

Programmes are subject to change. Explanations are provided at the beginning of the Retreat. All meals can be taken together if desired. There is time each afternoon for wellness, excursions, massages and treatments in the hotel.