Playing tennis without any worries, testing your own form or doing sports together as a family - in the idyllic atmosphere of the tennis courts in Merligen, Oberhofen or Steffisburg this is great fun. Choose from hard courts, real sand or all-weather sand courts.

Reserve your desired tennis court with us for unforgettable tennis experiences. If you do not have your own tennis rackets and balls, you can rent them for the tennis court in Merligen during opening hours at the tourist office in Merligen.


Training with the Leutar Tennis School!

Would you like to learn something during your vacations and train your strengths and weaknesses? Then treat yourself to a few training moments with the team of the Leutar tennis school. Let yourself be carried away by the energy on the court - fun and progress are guaranteed!

Private lesson (1 person): CHF 95.-
Semi-private (2 persons): CHF 120.-
Families: CHF 120.-

The prices are inclusive of course fee. Lessons last 60 minutes.

Reservations under: 033 748 04 34 or

"Our cooperation partner - the Leutar Tennis School!"

The Leutar Tennis School, which has been established in Steffisburg, Oberhofen and Uetendorf for seven years, places great value on first-class tennis instruction. With a diverse range of courses that appeal equally to all levels of play, the school has quickly made a name for itself regionally and, through success in Swiss championships, also nationally. The aim is to meet the individual needs of each tennis player, whether by training specific strengths and weaknesses, learning new stroke variations or refining the current playing style.

A special focus of the tennis school is children's training. Marko Leutar and his team want to spark enthusiasm, joy of learning and the development of individual characters in the children. They firmly believe that tennis is more than just a sport - it is a platform to teach values such as independence, fairness and how to deal with victory and defeat, according to the philosophy of the founder and head coach.

Adult students are also carried away by the energy on the court. Fun, enthusiasm and progress are not empty words, but the heart of the tennis school.

If you want to experience the fascination of tennis and take your game to the next level or strive for top performance in competition, you are in the right place at the Leutar Tennis School.

Discover more: Website Leutar Tennis School