Get to know the versatile effects of the bellicon® mini trampoline. With holistic movements that are easy on your back and joints, you will strengthen your entire body, come to rest and find your inner centre. Use Qigong to direct your life energy in the right direction and actively promote your health and mobility.

The retreat will be held from 25 June to 01 July 2023. Programmes are subject to change.

From 25th to the 28th June 2023 - Level: Beginner / intermediate
From 28th to the 1st july 2023 - Level: Advanced / experienced
Whole week (25th June to the 1st July 2023) Including advancement from intermediate to advanced

Bellicon Wochenprogramm (25.06.-01.07.23)


Peter Leonhard, Dipl. Physiotherapist FH and former top athlete

The love and passion for sports have accompanied me since my childhood. Through my studies to become a physiotherapist and working with my patients, the importance of movement became increasingly clear to me. I became aware of how many common physical ailments could be alleviated through regular and targeted exercise. Many people move too little or not at their personal fitness level. With bellicon® I have discovered a device that allows me to teach people how to move again in a gentle and effective way and to accompany patients in the rehabilitation process.


Hildegard Leonhard, Certified Qigong teacher, course instructor SVEB1 and trained meditation teacher

I love people, love to build bridges, touch hearts, connect and give joy of life. My inner guidance, my heart, my intuition is my compass in my life. That's where I feel, listen, see, smell and feel safe and secure in. My mind is a good and faithful companion to carry the insights of my heart into my life and into the world. Sometimes it can also be stubborn and like a juggler distract me from plans to hold on to old habits. Quite often I quickly catch him at it and with a laugh, an understanding wink in the eye, I choose my heart's path again.


Your package services:

+ 3 or 6 nights in the room category of your choice
+ bellicon® training workouts, from moderate to advanced accompanied by bellicon® health experts
Qigong lessons Shibashi (18 figures of harmony)
Varied programme with guided meditations, relaxation exercises and bellicon® health trainings
Possibility of individual one-to-one training
Exciting health lectures
Wellness Package
BEATUS gourmet board 
On the trail with our Guides

From 25th to the 28th June 2023 in a twin room facing north from CHF 834.- per person - Level: Beginner / intermediate

From 28th to the 1st july 2023 in a twin room facing north from CHF 894.- per person - Level: Advanced / experienced

Whole week (25th June to the 1st July 2023) in a twin room facing north from CHF 1'704.- per person - Including advancement from intermediate to advanced

Reserve now 3 nights - Beginner 

Reserve now 3 nights - Advanced

Reserve now all 6 nights 

This is what you can look forward to:

Find inner and outer balance and peace away from the stress of everyday life
Strengthen your bones and intervertebral discs and increase your mobility
Feel lightness and well-being in harmony with yourself
Activate your cardiovascular system and return home with new energy