Mobility and relaxation retreat

Your conscious start into a more active, mobile and intense life at the BEATUS Wellness- & Spa-Hotel, located at the energy centre of Merligen, Lake Thun. Get to know your own body and mind better and help them work together as a unit. Discover your mobility, mindfulness in daily life and take the first steps to a healthier everyday with Dominik Barkow, the coach from MyBodyMind.

→ Valid from the 13 November to the 16 November 2022 ←
Limited places!

The retreat will be held in German.

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The retreat is led by Dominik Barkow, certified personal and neuro-centred trainer.

The retreat under the "Moving body and relaxed mind" 

In a twin room facing north from CHF 891.- per person sharing / 
In a single room facing north from CHF 921.-

Book now 3 nights - room for double occupancy

Book now 3 nights - room for single occupancy

What can you expect from Dominik Barkow?

  • Whole-body mobility from head to foot
  • Neurodrills for the brain
  • Improved posture
  • Breathing training for stimulation or relaxation
  • Natural movement skills
  • Mindfulness in everyday life