Evening atmosphere at Lake Thun, Hotel Beatus in Merligen

Lake Thun:

A famous energy spot.

It is said that Lake Thun is one of the Swiss regions that exudes a particularly strong power and a positive influence on the consciousness and well-being. One of the most important lines of energy connects Justistal and the top of Mount Niesen, and in the middle of this line is the holiday resort of Merligen. Many guests tell us that they find it easier to relax in this energy spot, to open up and experience connecting with people and nature directly.

Also known as an “energy spot” and with good reason. According to folklore, energy spots are many and in high concentration around Lake Thun.

Lake Thun is furthermore the biggest lake in Switzerland, which is found solely in one canton. It is 17.5 kilometres long, 3.5 kilometres wide and 217 metres deep.

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